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Product Sorter Vue 3

 · 4 min · Nasir

This the repo for a tutorial on how to use Vue 3, the composition API, script setup, pnpm and Vite.

tutorial vue vitejs

This is the repo for the tutorial on Building A Product List Page With Vue 3 And Vite.



  • Vue 3
  • Vite
  • Script Setup
  • Composition API
  • Simple Animation


Clone to local

npx degit heksagonnet/product-sorter-vue3 my-product-sorter-vue3
cd my-product-sorter-vue3
pnpm i ## If you don't have pnpm installed, run: npm install -g pnpm

Download and use

Download and run pnpm i inside the downloaded folder.


If you encounter any issues or have any questions with the template, please contact us directly and let us know about it.

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