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Piko is a minimalistic and fast theme powered by Hugo for building a blog or portfolio.

hugo portfolio blog

Hi guys! I open sourced a Hugo theme with Pico CSS. Simple, fast and stunning. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Piko by Heksagon

Demo | Lighthouse report (100%)

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Desktop Preview
Desktop Preview

Mobile Preview
Mobile Preview


If you like this template, please give a star at its GitHub Page, and consider supporting me at:

Support Me

Your support is greatly appreciated 😊

Quick Deploy

  1. Have a free/paid version:
  1. Then click:

Deploy to

And click next for all.

Local Development

If you wish to develop in your local environment, make sure you have installed:

Then open command prompt in your development folder.

## Clone the repository
$ git clone https://github.com/heksagonnet/piko.git

## cd in the project directory
$ cd piko/exampleSite/

## Start local dev server
$ hugo server --themesDir ../..

Forestry.io CMS Setup

  1. Visit Forestry.io and login with Github

Login with Github
Login with Github

  1. Click ‘Add Site’

Add Site
Add Site

  1. Choose Hugo and click Next

Chooose Hugo
Chooose Hugo

  1. Choose Github and click Next

Chooose Github
Chooose Github

  1. Choose the repo that you have kept the Piko theme, type ‘exampleSite’ in Config Path and click ‘Check For Config’. When it says ‘Config file Found!’, click Next.

Chooose Git repo
Chooose Git repo

  1. Click all ‘Mark as done’.

Mark as done
Mark as done

  1. Replace the BASEURL in Configure to your domain name or custom domain name set in Netlify as above.


  1. Edit your website to your heart’s content!

Hire me

Besides developing stunning and blazing fast website templates, I also provide web design services. My speciality is in creating high-quality static websites based on Hugo.

If you are interested to know more, do not hesitate to contact me here.

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