How To Build A Blog That Makes Money

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Check out how to turn your blog into an income stream.

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Blogging is the act of typing out information or explaining various topics to be shared on the internet. Many websites offer free blogging services, such as:

However, most of these free options can be limiting, especially if you plan to monetize your blog. Yes, you can make money by typing out content on the internet!

How To Build A Blog That Makes Money

Web Hosting

To make the most out of your blog, it is advisable to host your website with a custom domain name to have the flexibility to do what you desire with your content. You can get the best value for money at a hosting plan from the following affiliate links:

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Website Building Software

Once you have chosen a hosting plan, you can start writing a blog using open-source software. Open-source software is usually free with premium versions or services. Some open-source software used for blogging are:


WordPress is the most used CMS (Content Management System) on the internet due to its simplicity and ease to start. To make it faster and more secure, though, there are appropriate optimization techniques.


Hugo is the fastest framework for static website generator. You will need some programming knowledge to use this framework alone. A static website can be very customizable if you know how to code or you can get our team to code for you. However, you can also use a CMS for static websites to edit your content if you’re not comfortable with coding. Examples of such CMSs are

Choose a Topic

Like any other business, there is a learning curve. It is no different than a blog if you wish to monetize it. All the laborious commitment of creating and writing content will require you to engage in a well-known and meaningful topic. With an engaging material, it will be less likely for you to become fatigued and stop halfway. The theme that you chose and its content should have the following characteristics:

  • Solving a problem
  • Can be done practically
  • Well-researched
  • Unique
  • Insightful
  • Straight to the point
  • With pictures or graphical representations
  • Catchy headlines

Choose a topic that you can write consistently about.
Choose a topic that you can write consistently about.

Keep writing consistently

To prepare your blog for monetization, it needs to have the traffic or steady numbers of people visiting. Keep your writing engaging and make sure to focus on quality rather than quantity. There are millions of blogs on the internet. And if your content is not consistent enough, the traffic will not be retained and grows outdated as new blogs emerge.

Blog Infrastructure

A blog is not just words and pictures. There are other components of a blogging website so that it may appear and function as a whole. These include, but not limited to:

  • a comment section
  • sharing abilities
  • an about us page
  • legal pages (privacy policy, terms and conditions, GDPR/CCPA notice)
  • a contact page
  • newsletter subscription form
  • social media links


The fun part; earning money. There are numerous creative ways to earn money in a blog when you have the traffic or the ‘sales funnel’. You can:

  • create paid tutorials
  • sell e-books or any digital product

However, the most common form of blog monetization is by advertisement and affiliate marketing. Here are a few links that you can check out when you want to monetize your blog through advertising:

Here are some links for affiliate marketing:

Reach out to a larger audience
Reach out to a larger audience

Market your website

Have you started earning from blogging and want to increase your traffic? Perhaps you can consider to spend some of your resources to market it so you can reach a larger audience. Here are some means to accomplish that:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When someone uses a search engine, the results listed are based on its SEO ranking and determined by several constituents. When you blog, make sure to include keywords, lists, meaningful content, and tables that fit harmoniously inside. Don’t repeat the keywords as search engines like Google are growing smarter by the day and can detect this. Create meaningful contents, relevant to the public with the mentioned features to increase SEO ranks at search results.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising

Besides using the platform above to get paid from advertising, you can also use them to advertise your blog. Some of the relevant links are as follows, or you can check out other platorms as well:

Social Media Marketing

Sharing your contents on social media and using social media PPC ads to promote your blog also increases your website traffic.

Influencer Marketing

Get in touch with an influencer to promote your blog.


It is impartial for bloggers to want to make money while being relevant to society. However, there are the burdens of blogging that one must carry to become a successful blogger. Like any entrepreneurial effort, there is a valley of despair to overcome. However, passion will win in the end. Be optimistic and share the positive.

What kind of blog are you building? It’ll be great if you can share it in the comment here.

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