Personal Cash Flow Calculator

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One of the driving factors for an entrepreneur's success is proper finance management. Use this cash flow calculator as a tool to help you on your journey to success.

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Please enter all of the value for the calculation to work. If the field is not applicable, please enter 0.


Salary [i]

Fixed monthly income

Commission [i]

Monthly income based on sale

Dividends from investments [i]

Monthly income from ownership of stocks, bonds, fixed deposits etc

Capital Gains [i]

Monthly income from sale of financial securities like stocks, bonds etc

Rental Income [i]

Monthly income from rent collected

Pension [i]

Monthly income from pension



Non-Current Assets [i]

Market value of long term assets such as land, property, equipment, vehicles, furniture etc.

Savings [i]

Cash in savings or current account.

Investment Asset [i]

Market value of investments such as stocks, mutual funds, bonds, bitcoins etc.


Monthly Liabilities

Bill Payment [i]

Monthly commitment for bills such as electricity, phone, etc.

Rent/Mortgage [i]

Monthly commitment for land or property.

Hire Purchase/Installment Plan [i]

Monthly commitment for car loans, smartphones etc.

Personal/Student Loan [i]

Monthly commitment for personal or student loan.

Credit Card Loan [i]

Monthly commitment for credit card loan.

Monthly Taxes [i]

Monthly commitment for taxes.


Total Loan

Total Loan [i]

The total amount that you are still owing



Spending allocation [i]

Monthly allocation for spending on anything.



Your total monthly income: $

Your total monthly liabilities: $

Your monthly cash flow: $

Your annual cash flow: $

Your total assets: $

Your asset net worth: $

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